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What Sets Us Apart

Patient-Centered Dentistry for Your Healthiest Smile!

When you’re a patient at Neely Dental Team, we treat you with the same high-quality, compassionate care we offer our loved ones.

For Dr. Neely, Dr. Barton, and our team members, dentistry is more than fixing teeth; it’s getting to know the person who owns the smile and helping him or her lead a healthier, fuller, happier life!

Our practice has served the greater Vandalia community since 1983, and we’ve grown through referrals from our patient family. We are honored and humbled by these referrals and by the trust our patients place in us. We are resolved always to exceed your expectations for exceptional, painless dental care.

What’s Different at Neely Dental Team?

  • We are an established, stable practice, and many of our team members have been with us for more than a decade. You will have continuity of care, delivered by people you know and trust, and see the same welcoming, friendly smiles at every visit!
  • We are patient-centered in all we do. We firmly believe the best dentistry, strongest treatment results, and happiest, healthy patients are the result of truly understanding what you need and desire. Each person in our care has specific clinical and personal concerns, and we work to learn what you expect. We will never recommend treatment you do not want or need, and will always explain options, timelines, and financials. This is your smile’s health, and you are in charge!
  • We believe patient education is essential. You are unique, and have specific dental and overall health concerns. As we learn about your oral and general health, we’ll talk with you about what’s happening in your mouth and your body, and how those interact. We will also talk about what you can do to improve your well-being, whether that’s a stronger home-dental hygiene program, changing your diet, or establishing healthier habits. We won’t lecture you; instead, we offer accessible, useful information and lots of encouragement. All of us want you to have a healthy, happy life!
  • We are just as passionate about our own education. Dentistry is a constantly changing field. Our doctors and team stay current on advances through continuing education. We assess new options and bring only the best into our practice. These new methodologies and technologies mean a better treatment experience and stronger results for you!

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Drs. Neely and Barton, as well as our team members, look forward to meeting and getting to know you. We’re excited to be your partners as you achieve and maintain the beautifully healthy smile you deserve!

Please contact our family-friendly Vandalia, OH dental office, which serves Dayton, Englewood, and surrounding communities, to schedule a visit today!