Meet the Staff


erica t

Erica is one of our dental hygienists. Her duties include taking radiographs and educating patients about their oral health. Her favorite part of her job is getting to know our patients and making a difference in their oral health. It is quite rewarding for Erica to help her patients feel good about themselves and make sure their visit is a pleasant experience.

In her personal life, Erica is married and has two daughters and a son. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, running, interior decorating, and helping out at her kids’ school.



sarah creech

As our expanded function dental assistant, Sarah helps the dentists with their procedures, places amalgam and composite restorations, takes radiographs, and sterilizes instruments. Sarah enjoys the artistic aspect to doing restorations, and she likes interacting with patients when she places their fillings.

Outside the office, Sarah is married and has a son and daughter. She enjoys spending time with her family, and likes being outdoors.




Another of our expanded function dental assistants, Dawn helps the dentists with their procedures, takes X-rays, and places fillings. She likes helping anxious patients relax and feel more comfortable, and enjoys getting to know them better.

It is a rewarding experience for Dawn when she sees patients leave the office with a confident smile. Dawn is a family-oriented individual who enjoys spending time with her two daughters.




Janice is one of our dental hygienists who is responsible for dental cleanings, X-rays, and patient education. She likes working with our staff, and appreciates being in an environment that is professional but also relaxing.

In her spare time, Janice enjoys gardening, working out, canoeing, and fishing. She also likes to spend time with her husband, three children, and four grandchildren.



susan mcfadden

Susan is another one of our expanded function dental assistants who helps the dentists, places fillings, and takes X-rays. She likes helping people relax so they can be as comfortable as possible in our office. Knowing that she has helped patients, and that they are happy with their visit, are the most rewarding aspects of Susan’s job.

In her personal life, Susan is married to Mark and has two children, six grandchildren, and two dogs. Her hobbies include camping, boating, water skiing, hiking, and playing keyboard.


Mary Jean 

mary jean grote

As our front desk receptionist, Mary Jean is the first friendly face you see in our office! She helps patients book their appointments, confirms appointments, updates personal and insurance information, and helps with payment and insurance concerns. Her favorite part of her job is making sure patients always have a great experience.

Mary Jean has been married for 39 years, and has four children and nine grandchildren. She also has two dogs, and enjoys working in her flower gardens, going for walks with friends, and spending time with her grandchildren.



bonita hoblit

Bonita is our accounts receivable manager and administrative assistant. Her primary duty is billing, insurance, accounts receivable and collections. She enjoys interacting with each patient, and seeing clients leave with a bright and happy smile. Working with our doctors is a great experience for Bonita because they are both very professional and caring, and have their patients’ best interests at heart.

Outside the office, Bonita has 3 children, 14 grandchildren & 2 great grandchild. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, taking walks with her children and grandchildren, traveling, reading, working on computers, canoeing, and shopping. 



lynne akalin

Lynne is one of our dental hygienists who performs prophylaxis, takes radiographs, educates patients on oral health, and teaches appropriate dental health care. Her favorite part of her job is making patients feel good about themselves, and meeting their needs. She enjoys working with our doctors because they are compassionate, friendly, and believe in practicing quality dentistry.

Lynne has a husband, two sons, and two border terriers. In her spare time, she makes all-natural and organic body care products, and enjoys gardening, cooking, being with family and friends, walking her dogs, and doing crafts.



robin bryan

Robin is one of our dental hygienists who teaches oral hygiene care and instructs our patients. She believes that building a relationship with patients is crucial so that they can feel more comfortable at our office. What she enjoys most about her profession is seeing people leave our office feeling great about their smile.

Outside the office, Robin has two daughters and two dogs. In her spare time, she likes watching her daughters cheer and play softball, volleyball, and gymnastics.




Becky is a dental assistant who takes pride in caring for our patients. She helps our doctors with their dental procedures, and likes making a difference in our patients’ lives. Seeing our patients become more confident and happy with their smiles is a rewarding experience for Becky.

Becky and her husband have three sons and a dog. She enjoys spending time with her family as well as running the boys to their baseball, wrestling, and football contests.



jodi fultz

As another one of our dental hygienists, Jodi helps our patients properly care for their teeth by giving them a top-notch cleaning and fluoride treatment, taking X-rays, and performing exams. She enjoys working with the dentists because they are committed to providing our patients with a high level of care. Jodi also likes how they help patients understand their oral health so they can make informed decisions about their care.

In her personal life, Jodi has been married since 1997, and has two children. She enjoys spending time with her family, watching her children play sports, biking, hiking, and going to concerts.


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